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Thursday, 7 December 2023

Christian Konopatzki Wins Marketing Award at Golden Time Talent Competition

Christian Konopatzki , lead marketing specialist and CEO of CTARS, has been awarded 1st Place for Marketing at the prestigious Golden Time Talent Competition. Awards from Golden Time Talent are given to those who demonstrate unparalleled innovation, creativity, and excellence in the marketing industry.

Reports from the competition curators have stated, “In the face of formidable competition, Christian Konopatzki takes home the 1st Place award from Golden Time Talent. Christian has proven himself to be one of the most innovative and cutting-edge marketers in the field today and is looking to scale his global marketing knowledge to a broader audience.”

GOLDEN TIME TALENT – is a leader in the organization of international contests and festivals for creative teams and solo artists/entrepreneurs. We are looking for talented people all over the world, giving them the opportunity to prove themselves on stage.

Golden Time Talent has several Awards including the Buzz Winner 2020 Award for Business Excellence and the Nova Magazine Award for The best international festivals and competitions platform 2019. Golden Time Talent is also a Platinum Member of the World Confederation of Business.

The Golden Time Talent Marketing Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts, thought leaders, and change-makers from mostly Britain and around the world. In their assessment, they stated, “The judges were impressed with Christian’s emphasis on marketing, as well as his stand-out ability to completely change the Marketing Industry by utilizing unique marketing methods, which mostly focuses on non-paid advertising.”

CTARS is a marketing firm specializing in making the most of non-paid forms of advertising, while increasing brand exposure and driving digital engagement. The innovative methods implemented by Christian Konopatzki and CTARS have been making waves in the marketing community, leading the business to become one of the most successful marketing firms in Dubai. Together, their innovation has gained them a strong and loyal customer base, many of whom have attested to their marketing prowess in dedicated testimonials.

Christian started out in his marketing ventures with an ecommerce platform specializing in affiliate marketing, selling print on demand products. His work ethic and knack for marketing eventually led him to become a top product seller in the affiliate marketing world, gaining him acclaim of marketers everywhere and empowering him to start his own company. Due to his marketing expertise, Christian has become one of the most prominent young businessman of Dubai, where he currently resides.

Christian has also been featured in various news outlets as an influencer and marketing expert, seeing attention from major media channels over the course of his career. His passion and talent in entrepreneurship have driven him to share his story with others, hoping to inspire the same level of success in those who wish to explore the vast and lucrative world of modern marketing.

About the award, CEO Christian Konopatzki said, “We’re excited to be receiving this honor from the Golden Time Talent Awards.”

Christian’s goal is to be a disruptive pioneer in the marketing space. His goal is to innovate and push the boundaries of what it means to be a marketer in today’s rapidly changing economic atmosphere. Being awarded the Golden Time Talent award only serves to add flame to his drive and passion for marketing innovation and change. He went on to say, “We’re constantly innovating to advance the marketing industry as a whole and are excited to receive this recognition.”

Because of Konopatzki’s victory in the marketing category, he has been selected to be a jury member at the next Golden Time Talent Competition. There, he will use his marketing expertise and knowledge of the field to judge other marketing professionals and upcoming talents.

Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey is business editor at British Journal. Previously he was the Independent's chief leader writer and worked in national newspapers for ten years, as a general news reporter and science correspondent, before specialising in economics. Daniel has broken a number of exclusive stories and interviewed senior figures including the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition.

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