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Wednesday, 6 December 2023

A new invention of acne treatment substance. Commercialization of Antimicrobial Peptide C4

Korean-based pharmaceutical research company Celltem has broken new ground for acne treatments with the discovery and commercialization of Antimicrobial Peptide C4. This adjusted substance has shown incredible promise in addressing the current issues that are plaguing many that use antimicrobial-based acne antibiotics and topical treatments.

The existing realm of existing treatment options that contain antimicrobial formulations commonly elicit adverse reactions and side effects in users. Some of these side effects include skin irritation, vomiting, dermatitis, redness, and even fever in some circumstances. There are also reported cases of antibiotic resistance for other users.

Celltem developed its Antimicrobial Peptide C4 as a response to the overwhelming side effects that were reported. Their specified and innovative formulation has addressed current issues with antimicrobial treatments which in itself is an achievement worth noting.

Antimicrobial Activity Present in Antimicrobial Peptide C4

The Celltem Antimicrobial Peptide C4 has been shown to actively focus on cell membranes that are protective of harmful and detrimental bacterium of users. A noticeable inhibitory effect is observed against five particularly nasty pathogenic bacteria including the dreaded C. acnes. As the substance targets these membranes, a classification of inhibitory can be ascertained.

Commercialization of Antimicrobial Peptide C4

Ground-breaking Specific Targeting of Hurtful Bacteria 

As mentioned earlier, the issues and stipulations with current offerings of antimicrobial-based acne treatments reside in the impact they have on both good and bad bacteria. Current treatments kill bad and good bacteria which is a cause of skin issues and irritations. If all bacteria are targeted in this way, users report skin issues and heightened sensitivities.

Beneficial bacteria are actually useful to have, particularly in the presence of antimicrobial treatments where protective barriers are necessary to prevent detrimental side effects. This is where the Celltem Antimicrobial Peptide C4 shines as it has been technologically enhanced to focus entirely on the bad bacteria only. This means the user’s beneficial bacteria is unaffected and can continue to protect the user from potential irritants and resistances.

Commercialization & Market Viability

Cosmetic brand Percent Science has taken this concept and successfully commercialized it to great success in the form of their skincare product containing Antimicrobial Peptide C4. It has been able to achieve this by bolstering the reputation and assurances of the ingredient with biotechnological metrics as well as cytotoxicity, in-vitro cell, substance stabilization, and application testing.

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