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6 Best Coats Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola Uses for Winter

As the weather gets colder in the northern hemisphere, it makes sense for people to invest in new winter clothing they can rug up in. A nice coat is a perfect option for winter since it lets you stay warm while out and about but can be easily removed and hung up on a coatrack or even the back of an office chair when you head indoors.

Since you’ll no doubt be getting a lot of use from your coat, it’s worth investing in a high-quality and stylish one. When it comes to high-quality and trendy clothing, successful entrepreneur Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola is undoubtedly someone to be inspired by.

As CEO of globally renowned finance and consultancy firm Astorts Group, Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola does a lot of business travel and needs to be equipped for colder weather. Over the years, he has worn a variety of different style winter coats, and the following will list his top 6 picks.

1. Heavy Parka Coat

Heavy parka coats are shorter than most, finishing at the thighs, and they tend to be fitted more loosely. While popular in khaki and military green shades, heavy parka coats can come in a variety of colours to suit your preference, and the best are made from a waterproof material to keep you dry in the rain.

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola likes this relaxed style when he’s running errands on the few days that he’s not attending business meetings or consulting clients. What this coat lacks in length it makes up for in warmth due to its heavier weight, and it suits a casual urban style.

2. Peacoat

Best Coats Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola Uses for Winter

A peacoat is a classic coat style that was traditionally worn by sailors in generations past. It’s both highly fashionable and warm and is a popular choice with celebrities and royalty during the colder months.

Alessandro likes this double-breasted variety of coat as it adds a nice sense of old-world polish to his outfits. When wearing a peacoat, Alessandro likes to compliment it with a pullover underneath of a contrasting shade.

3. Overcoat

For those seeking to complement a smart-casual look this winter, a classic overcoat is hard to top. This long-sleeve coat can be single or double-breasted. Versatile and insulating, an overcoat is an easy way to take your winter outfit up a notch.

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola owns many high-quality overcoats which he loves to pair with his more formal suits on those important days where he wants to look his best. He advises that you spend some time making sure your overcoat fits you perfectly and avoid getting something too long or too boxy.

4. Raincoat

While raincoats started out as something purely utilitarian, contemporary varieties can actually be quite stylish. They obviously do a great job at keeping you dry, and Alessandro likes longer raincoats for formal occasions and shorter raincoats for casual ones.

5. Waxed-Cotton Jacket

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola -Parka Coat

Waxed-cotton jackets are popular because of the wax film applied to them that means water just bounces off rather than soaking in, and it’s also very resistant to the wind. They’re classically known as hunting jackets, due to the large pockets at the bottom used to store extra ammunition for rifles, and they are also popular with sailors to stop against wind and rain.

You don’t need to be a hunter or sailor to enjoy wearing this jacket though, as it has become a very popular style in men’s high-fashion. Alessandro loves to wear waxed-cotton jackets when he’s going on outdoor adventures where the elements are a little harsher than in urban areas.

6. Trench Coat

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola - Overcoat

Last but not least, the iconic trench coat is one of the classiest designs with a military heritage. Ostensibly designed to keep mud off uniforms in the trenches of the First World War, this long style of coat is best for keeping rain and grime off your finer clothes underneath and is ideal for stormy days when the wind is fierce.

Trench coats are also just incredibly stylish on their own, and Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola likes wearing them over many of his outfits. They also have a certain ‘getting things done’ quality to them, perhaps due to their popularity with Hollywood detectives.

Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey
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