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Police urged to changed amidst Black Lives Matter manifesto

A community activist has stated that there has not been enough done to improve the representation and quality of black communities in Wales for the past 10 years. Many Black Lives Matter groups have been publishing manifestos calling for changes especially within the Welsh police force.

Black Lives Matter activist, Bianca Ali, stated that the statistics from the past decade made her feel like police tactics had no changed at all.

Amidst these discussions from the public, the Welsh Government mentioned that they would be inviting leaders to discuss proposals on moving forward.  A crime commissioner and Welsh Police officer stated that more BAME officers are being recruited in his department but there is definitely more that needs to be done for diversity and representation awareness.

The manifesto has 8 points that discusses BAME citizens’ assembly, heritage, cultural integration, prisons and policing, public servant training, funding, government reviews and education.

In Wales, black individuals are 6 and a half times more likely to be stopped by officers compared to white individuals. These figures come from a United Kingdom government figure source. Additionally black individuals are 4 and a half times more likely to be arrested.

Bianca Ali, a 28 year old mixed Italian, Jamaican, Bangladeshi, Arab, Maltese and Welsh background told the BBC radio of Wales that she has not seen any changes within the police force over the past 5 years.

She told the station that she believes there is a lot more that can be done within organisations and communities. The Black Lives Matter movement is a great example where people can find real changes that would actually help and find the ways to implement them.

Ms Ali also mentioned that the statistics for tasering and stop and search of BAME individuals was so disproportionate that she believes that the police should have black representation within the higher ups.

Nathan Bailey
Nathan Bailey
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