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Tuesday, 5 December 2023

Uncertainty over international real estate investments

Real estate investment companies across the globe are being targeted at a higher rate by Hong Kong investors than ever before through social media channels. Last year, China entered the first recession that it has seen in many years – first triggered by riots and unrest throughout Hong Kong as well as trade war currently taking place between the United States and China, the impacts of the recession are now being worsened by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic which forced China to shut down borders and enforce social isolation measures.

New security laws in the country have many Chinese citizens worrying for their freedom and a number of companies, includigng Tik Tok and Facebook are stepping away from the country.

The Chinese government is saying that new laws aimed at restoring order in Hong Kong will only be used against a small number of people but many Hong Kong citizens are now looking to leave and many of them are coming to the UK. In recent months many social media ads have begun targeting Hong Kong users, encouraging them emigrate or to make international real estate investments – with many of them promoting moves to the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

There is a lot of interest being generated in the UK with statements being promoted that the country may grant up to 3 million Hong Kong immigrants citizenship. China has rebuffed the statement from the UK, calling it interference into the internal affairs of China.

Investment firms based in the UK have seen growth in interest from people in Hong Kong interested in investing in UK properties. Many investment firms are also seeing more interest in properties so that people can move to the country, with many asking about lifestyle, housing and immigration options.

Kyle Faulkner
Kyle Faulkner
Kyle Faulkner is city editor, breaking major business and market stories and analysing what they mean for the financial sector. He has revealed some of the biggest stories in the city in the past decade, with a string of exclusives about major takeover deals. Kyle was awarded the London Press Club Business Journalist of the Year.

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