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Can Diabetics Pass Job Medicals in the UK?

Job medicals are a basic part of many jobs in the UK, but they’re also stressful and potentially heartbreaking.

If you’ve dreamed your whole life of being a commercial pilot, it can be a huge letdown to find out a mild form of epilepsy or a heart condition that can keep you from taking to the skies.

However, most people think that only the most obvious conditions will affect their ability to get a job that requires a medical. The truth is, quite a few conditions can prevent you from getting one, and of them is extremely common: Diabetes.

Diabetes can disqualify you from becoming a taxi driver, pilot, or something else that requires a medical before the hiring process and throughout employment.

Luckily, the DVLA has created ways for diabetics to get around their medical limitations.

Let’s look at how you can pass your medical even if you’re suffering from diabetes.

Which License can You Get with Diabetes?

Diabetics can get a DVLA Group 2 license. This is the license primarily issued to the bus, lorry, and taxi drivers.

How Do I Get My DVLA Group 2 License with Diabetes?

Getting your Group 2 license with diabetes is a lot more difficult than it is with a clean bill of health, and there are a lot of requirements for you to follow once you have been approved. Here are the pre-conditions you must meet.

No Low Sugar Attacks

First, you must be able to prove you haven’t had a low blood sugar attack in at least 12 months. This will need to be proven through the recording of proper daily blood tests.

Prove You Know When a Low Sugar Attack is Happening

Of course, you also need to understand the symptoms leading up to a low blood sugar attack and be able to take action to prevent an episode from occurring.

If you’ve been a diabetic for years, you likely already fully understand this, but those who were just recently diagnosed should educate themselves; not only for the DVLA license but also for their own safety.

How to Maintain Your DVLA Group 2 License with Diabetes

Simply getting your Group 2 license isn’t enough. You will need to renew it annually with a clean bill of health from a doctor. However, you can’t just reapply. There are steps you must take every day if you want to keep your license.

Record Proper Daily Testing

You will need to test your blood sugar level with a basic finger prick tool within 2 hours before your shift starts and every two hours while driving.

Your results will need to be recorded thoroughly every day, because they will be reviewed.

Also, these tests must be taken and recorded even on your days off.

At the end of the year, your doctor must review your tests and report their findings to the DVLA.

Proper Medication Usage

If you are prescribed an injectable or tablet-based medicine, it must be taken as instructed, and you must prove that you are taking it.

Continued Lack of Low Blood Sugar Attacks

If you suffer a low blood sugar attack, your Group 2 license will be at risk. Thankfully, it is less likely for this to happen thanks to intensive testing.

Choose the Right Doctor for Your Medical

You want the best chances of scoring your dream job despite having diabetes. To get that, I suggest to get in touch with Vital Medicals. They have the best doctors on staff, and they do everything in their power to safely give you a clean bill of health and gain your DVLA license.

Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey is business editor at British Journal. Previously he was the Independent's chief leader writer and worked in national newspapers for ten years, as a general news reporter and science correspondent, before specialising in economics. Daniel has broken a number of exclusive stories and interviewed senior figures including the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition.

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