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We shouldn’t stop investing in arts and culture in the UK

The arts and culture sector is suffering immensely right now, disproportionately hard hit in the face of the current crisis with many people out of work and events and festivals cancelled throughout the year. People who are part of the industry are calling for investment in the industry however, pointing out how many jobs are created by the industry, often many times more with the same amount of turnover compared to other important industries.

Arts and culture often suffers from a withdrawal of government investment during times of crisis, when government attention and funds are directed elsewhere, but industry insiders are begging for the government to take a long term view and to recognise the important role that sector will play in the recovery of the economy.

Beyond just being directly responsible for thousands of jobs for artists, event managers, singers and other people related to the industry, the arts industry in the UK also supports  jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors and is a major factor in encouraging tourism to the UK.

The arts sector has been one of the worst-hit in the UK and in all likelihood will take the greatest length of time to recover. Income support measures and government funding and support packages will play a vital role in supporting the industry. Moving forward galleries, museaums, studios and major concert halls and  other venues will require investment following shut downs and social isolation measures, targeted packages will need to be implemented to help the industry survive, but in the long run it will keep and create jobs and help to ensure the attractiveness of the UK on the world stage. The creative industry is on a large scale in the UK and must be supported over the next few years.

Victoria Rhodes
Victoria Rhodes
Victoria Rhodes is a local editor based in London, breaking major culture stories and analysing what they mean for the financial sector. Before joining British Journal she worked as an online reporter for The Sun and as a researcher for major news websites online.

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