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Friday, 8 December 2023

Farren Morgan Receives Prestigious Grocer Medal Award

The Grocer Medal Award is one of the most significant awards that a member of the Army can receive, and this year’s lucky recipient is the renowned Lsgt Farren Morgan.

The Grocer Medal Award is presented to outstanding individuals and companies each year. The Army selects these based on the impact that they have made to the British Military Community. Farren Morgan, who is currently based with the Coldstream Guards in Westminster, London, is one of the individuals who was successful in winning this prestigious award.

Morgan won the award in the category of “Soldier of the Year” due to the dedication he has showed to the Army and the impact that he has had on the community over the past few years. He has consistently demonstrated this dedication and continues to generate innovative ideas to further the Army in every way possible.

Farren Morgan is a PTI, and has proven an invaluable trainer due to his great successes in boosting the fitness of his fellow soldiers. His programs have allowed everyday civilians to become elite soldiers who are in peak shape both mentally and physically. His success in transforming the lives of these people has been highly beneficial for both them and the Army.

The impact that Farren Morgan has had on the community as a whole is also something that the Army recognises with this award. He consistently gives back to the community, assisting with fundraisers, helping charities, and providing support for people in need wherever he can. He openly expresses his genuine care for others and works towards improving the lives of everyone he meets.

Help For Heroes and the British Royal Legion are two of the key charities that Morgan is involved with. Both aim to provide better financial, social, and emotional support to veterans and their families.

The achievement of the Grocer Medal Award is a significant one in Farren Morgan’s career, and it is clear that he will continue his impressive efforts and further inspire generations of soldiers to come.

Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey is business editor at British Journal. Previously he was the Independent's chief leader writer and worked in national newspapers for ten years, as a general news reporter and science correspondent, before specialising in economics. Daniel has broken a number of exclusive stories and interviewed senior figures including the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition.

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