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Give Yourself a Breather with Wholesale Organic Essential Oils

Wholesale organic essential oils are a triple threat – especially when it comes to improving your respiratory health. The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in flu-related illnesses. Wholesale organic essential oils are highly beneficial to your health, making sure that you will be able to take a long deep breath. Although these products are alleviating for your respiratory system it does not treat your condition therefore if you have any health concerns, you should speak to your GP.

Here is the 101 on Wholesale Organic Essential Oils 

Wholesale organic essential oil bottles for breathing in a bowl.

What are Wholesale Organic Essential Oils? 

Wholesale organic essential oils are sourced from many types of plants and herbs. They are extractions of bark, seeds, roots, and flowers that are much more potently powerful than their original source. There is a vast selection of wholesale organic essential oils to choose from and it has an incredibly strong essence when it’s extracted and has active ingredients in the oil. To extract the oil, this can be done through either cold pressing or steam distillation. Carrier oils such as avocado, coconut, and olive oil are combined with the wholesale organic essential oils to make sure it is effective in its usage.

How do Wholesale Organic Essential Oils Help with your Respiratory System?

The body is a complex system. Your respiratory system is constantly on the move with oxygen being taken in travelling through the body, and then carbon dioxide is exhaled out. Wholesale organic essential oils can be used as a relief for respiratory issues and as a postnasal drip. The respiratory system is highly important for your airways and lungs to ensure you can effectively circulate oxygen around the body. The best examples of wholesale organic essential oils to help with your breathing include eucalyptus and peppermint oil. These both can improve mucus build up, helping with your decongestion issues. The best avenue to treat colds with postnasal drips is inhalation either through a diffuser, in the bath or shower, or through steam. This is highly pivotal as if the air is dry or cold, this can affect the breathing in your lungs. As we are moving into winter, more and more people will be getting sick with flu-related illnesses. Although wholesale organic essential oils are incredibly nourishing for those going through illness, it is highly important to speak to a medical professional if problems persist.

What are the Best Wholesale Organic Essential Oils to help with your Breathing? 


Usually, we associate cinnamon as a spice on top of desserts and dishes. However, cinnamon has been found to prevent the exposure of germs, which can inhibit respiratory illness. The best way to using cinnamon is by using a diffuser or putting it in a blend alongside other cough-relieving wholesale organic essential oils.

Eucalyptus A mortar and pestle with wholesale organic essential oil products for breathing.

Eucalyptus is found in many products for those who are experiencing cold-related symptoms such as vapour or chest rubs. Eucalyptol can effectively fend off bacteria that are causing the illness in the first place. Eucalyptus can decrease the inflammation response, alleviate pain, and get rid of tension in the muscles, in addition to the cold or flu. The best way to use eucalyptus wholesale essential oils is by getting some drops of eucalyptus oil and a carrier oil and massaging the compound on your throat and chest. Another way of using eucalyptus oil is by diluting it in boiling water to inhale.


Frankincense is widely known to have beneficial effects on the respiratory system. These wholesale organic essential oils have been traditionally used as a remedy to help with asthma, bronchitis, coughing, and catarrh.


Geranium includes an extract known as pelargonium sidoides which is highly beneficial in treating the classic cough. Not only does it help treat your winter illness, but it has an incredible flowery scent. Ways to use geranium include dropping a few drops into a nice bath or through a diffuser.


Nutmeg has a special key ingredient called camphene. Camphene has been known to create an easy breathing and cooling effect. Nutmeg has antioxidant properties which will keep the cells from getting affected by bad germs.


Oregano has a strong compound known as carvacrol. Carvacrol is incredibly beneficial for fending off many types of germs. The oil is incredibly beneficial for viruses and cold and flu-related illnesses. This compound is also found in Thyme, which is largely beneficial for combating congestion.

PeppermintPeppermint wholesale organic essential oil in bottles for breathing.

Many products that treat respiratory conditions contain peppermint oil. An extract of peppermint is Menthol which, when breathed in, has a cooling effect that can help those with a sore throat. It has also been known to relax the muscles, specifically the windpipe, to prevent respiratory issues such as bronchitis. Due to these properties, you can guarantee that your respiratory system is in peak condition. You can use this either through steam distillation, diffuser, or in addition to other wholesale organic essential oils.


Similar to eucalyptus, Rosemary has the compound cineole. Cineole has been known to break down mucus and lower your inflammatory response. Get rid of congestion with the help of this incredible extract.

Tea tree 

Tea tree oil has been known to prevent the development of bad bacteria. It has been the treatment with a long history as Australian Indigenous peoples used crushed leaves from tea trees to help get rid of congestion and coughs. By taking a deep breath of these wholesale organic essential oils, it can reduce the negative effects of a cough.

How to use it:


Diffusers work to spread the wholesale organic essential oils across an entire space. This device overall will effectively allow you to inhale the wholesale organic essential oils, keeping you from getting cold and flu symptoms.

Steam Bath 

This can be done by adding a small amount of wholesale organic essential oils to a bowl with boiling water. Pop a towel over your head and breathe in the nice steam.


A woman having wholesale organic essential oils applied topically to her face for breathing.

A way to get through sickness is by diluting wholesale organic essential oils with a carrier oil and adding them to the skin. The best carrier oils are olive oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. Simply apply the blend onto the throat, chest, and/or feet to alleviate cough symptoms. Just make sure to do a patch test as your skin may be sensitive.


Add 1-2 drops of wholesale organic essential oils onto a tissue. Breathe in, placing it on your nose and mouth. This tactic will be able to provide temporary relief to a respiratory problem, even if they are outside.

Warm compress 

If you are ever feeling a fever, a warm compress may help with the headache. Simply apply some drops of the wholesale organic essential oils alongside a carrier oil to warm water. Let the towel sink in and after soaking, squeeze out the excess. Apply the mixture onto your head/or chest to get the full dose of the treatment.

The takeaway 

Wholesale organic essential oils are incredibly effective in treating respiratory conditions. These oils have incredible qualities that can eliminate the bacteria and germs that cause the illness, keeping you in an optimum health condition. There is an incredible range of these oils, each with its own specific properties that contribute to improving respiratory health, such as peppermint, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus. Simply add it into your self-care routine to help you have a winter free of the flu. ­

Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey
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