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How Complex Negotiations Counsel Jamie Nuich utilised her diverse education to create a business that nurtures expert negotiators

Australian-born Jamie Nuich is an expert in complex negotiations. With years spent evaluating different industries and culminating an extensive knowledge of negotiation tactics, Nuich is now passing on this experience to other high-profile individuals looking to improve their skills through her Golden Intelligence² School™.

Jamie Nuich has been building her skills from a young age, developing an extensive and well-rounded education and entering the corporate world in the field of international relations. She has worked as a litigator, appeared at the UN, managed high-stakes deals in Big-4 corporate consulting, researched discrete matters for senior members of government, taken up overseas projects, and finally settled into practice as a mediator. She now strives to share her expertise with a select team of individuals looking to be exposed to this curated knowledge of the role of negotiation strategies in business and in life.

Nuich launched the Golden Intelligence² School™ in 2019 under the name “Dispute Intelligence” and immediately received over 5,000 applications from around the globe. People from a range of backgrounds such as hospital administrators, law firm owners, staff from the UN, senior political figures and many more expressed their interest in Nuich’s program. This wide array of individuals demonstrates the way in which negotiation skills can be utilised in almost every aspect of life.

The School has four programs, each with a different level of difficulty and different intervals throughout the year. The elementary program is offered sporadically throughout the year. The practitioner program, which is the Schools flagship program, is run only two times each year for a total of 30 days. The School’s advanced program follows this consecutively each year. The executive program is the final program and is offered by invitation only, with no fixed scheduling or dates. These programs offer the opportunity for select individuals to broaden their negotiation skills and learn the techniques necessary to become a stronger, more effective negotiator.

The elementary program focuses on providing game plans that improve the rates of success in negotiations. This is designed to build students’ confidence before they take on bigger challenges. The practitioner program is a step up and offers the full suite of special intelligence negotiation skills, tricks, frameworks and game plans. This allows professionals to push themselves to become sharper in their negotiation game.  In the advanced program, students apply their new skills in practice across a range of diverse contexts. This is a stage in which students are able to improvise and manage their negotiations on their own. Finally, for a chosen few, the executive program is intensive training where everything is tied together, students’ negotiation skills become extremely sophisticated and they are able to emerge as a master of this discipline.

Jamie Nuich’s unique program is unparalleled and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people to develop a fundamental yet often overlooked skill. Her work continues to push boundaries and breed a community of negotiators with elite and sophisticated skills.

Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey is business editor at British Journal. Previously he was the Independent's chief leader writer and worked in national newspapers for ten years, as a general news reporter and science correspondent, before specialising in economics. Daniel has broken a number of exclusive stories and interviewed senior figures including the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition.

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