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My art book – dive into the world of endless possibilities and imaginations

The art world is one wide and versatile area. It is a form of expression that captivates the deepest and the true forms of one’s personality and style. With so many variations, perceptions, and views, art can be perceived and acknowledged as a unique area that is very worth exploring. And in that world of possibilities and explorations, Olga De Biasi Iaschelcic is showing the world a small part of her take on art and style.

My art book by Olga De Biasi Iaschelcic

Her book, called simply My Art Book, is the reproduction and the best version of the author’s take on art. This is not just some modern art or something done by the book. It is the cleanest and the most original production of as she calls it “pure art”. The idea and the inspiration behind the creation and publishing of “My Art Book” come from the author’s personal love for art, skills, and being part of several industries that work around art. As the author explains herself, the creative skills a person can have with just a dose of imagination can turn out to be something definitely worth exploring, which will later result in a unique form of art. Their complete and unfiltered expression of all that is perceived through creativity is the first way of stepping out of the box and the comfort zone of those who understand and want to take part in any form of art. That way, there is no more connection to reality, to the real world. Everything revolves around the imagination, and a whole new world of endless possibilities opens up.

As for the creation of My Art Book, the author explains that the process is driven and inspired by her personal life. Emotions, for starters, are what create a person, make their personality, and make the one different from the other. Emotions, no matter how strong or weak, have a huge role in creating art. Combined with the passions from personal life and style, the final result is an art that comes n the level of a masterpiece.

Throughout history, art has proven to be, many times over, a therapeutic process. In this process of creating My Art Book,  De Biasi Iaschelcic talks about how rewarding the entire experience has been. The use of raw materials, merging them to create unique and different pieces, and seeing the final result is definitely an achievement that brings a lot of content and satisfaction.

Going through the pages of My Art Book, one cannot miss noticing that this type of art is the reflection of the author’s mood. It is not something shallow, meaningless, or modern. It is much more than that. It is deep and timeless. It carries value, and interest, and inspires everyone to think about what art stands for and means to them.

Whether you are looking to gift a unique gift that will leave your recipient in awe, or you just want something for yourself, My Art Book is a great place to start exploring the limitless possibilities of the art world. It is a book that everyone can perceive and understand differently. There is no right or wrong with art. It is the value of the understanding that comes out in the end that matters. Supporting the imagination, and creativity, and getting a glimpse of the author’s thoughts during the creation of this book is more than enough inspiration to experience something completely new. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with new feelings and emotions.

As mentioned above, any form of art can be explored and pursued differently. The process of creation is what lets all the emotions out. Do not be afraid to explore new horizons, show your side or art and let creativity become a part of you.

My Art Book will instantly become your favorite art piece. Get your copy now and see how this book will completely change the take you have on art.

Sienna Flynn
Sienna Flynn
Sienna Flynn is an arts and style reporter, covering everything from style and entertainment to fashion. She's interviewed industry leading stars for news stories, features and profiles and covered events including red carpet premieres and awards including the Brits and BAFTAs. Before specialising in style & fashion, she started at British Journal as a chief sub-editor in 2019 and has also worked as an assistant editor.

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